Relationship Psychology – styles of attachment

Study relations interpersonal involves multiple branches of science social, including disciplines such as sociology, studies of communication, psychology, and anthropology. Study scientifically the relations of evolved in the years 1990 and has been called ” science of relations ” which is based on the conclusions the data and the analysis objectives . Psychology relations is… Continue reading

Psychic fatigue: methods of combating mental exhaustion

Do you always feel overwhelmed? Emotionally and mentally exhausted most of the time? If so, then you may be suffering from mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is a condition triggered by extended cognitive activity. Basically, you overload your brain, leaving you exhausted, impeding productivity and general cognitive functionality. The most common symptoms are mental blockage, lack… Continue reading

What is the difference between anxiety and worries?

About worries Worries, doubts, and anxiety are a normal part of life. It is normal to worry about an unpaid bill, job interview or is the first date. However, the ‘’normal’’ worry becomes excessive when it is persistent and uncontrollable. You get worried every day about many different things, you can not awake the doubts… Continue reading

All about stress: causes, symptoms and unexpected effects

Stress has become a part of daily of life our – is on the lips of all and appears to be enemy number one of society modern. Basically, anything can cause stress – from traffic at the place of work and family, the children or friends. In this article we will see what are the effects of stress and how it can be overcome. We will talk about:   What is stress; What happens in the body when they are subjected to stress; Causes of stress; Symptoms of stress; Types of stress; Eating on the basis of stress; Stress the place of work; The effects of stress; Stress… Continue reading