Logopedia for children

A harmoniously developed child is sociable and confident. The child’s confidence can be affected if people he tries to communicate with can’t understand what he’s saying. Reach for the help of a speech therapist if you notice possible language or communication disorders in your child. Logopedia is the solution he/ she needs.

What is logopedia for children

Logopedia studies the nature and manifestations of language disorders and offers correction methods for different types of logopedic diagnosis, according to individual and age particularities.

For best results, the therapy sessions should start after the age of 4, but there are also exceptions. Specialists recommend evaluations prior to the age of 4 when a delay in the child’s speech apparition or development is noticed.

When do you need logopedia for children

The logopedia evaluation is necessary when parents notice the child:

  • pronounces incorrectly or omits sounds (for example: "wabbit" for "rabbit", "at" for "hat" or "bu" for "bug”);
  • has a delay in his/ her speech development;
  • repeats or excessively prolongs sounds, syllables or words;
  • speaks too fast or too slow which makes his/ her speech hard to understand;
  • has a very limited vocabulary;
  • encounters difficulties while learning to write and read;

The recommendation is for the child to attend 2 weekly sessions, but if the child’s evaluation doesn’t detect especially difficult problems, a weekly session may suffice. In both cases, practice at home is highly recommended for better results.

What should you expect from the first logopedia session

Logopedia supports speech development using specific exercises and techniques for: detecting speech sounds, articulating sounds, correct breathing and stimulating speech according to the specialist’s diagnosis. To deliver the best results, the therapy is always adapted to the child’s personality and further empowered by family counseling. Everything happens in a friendly environment, using playful tools designed to attract the child and make him/ her feel comfortable: games, puzzles, pictures.

What are the prices for a logopedia session

  • Child logopedia evaluation: 120 RON (50 minutes)
  • Child logopedia (speech therapy) session: 100 RON (50 minutes)
  • Adult logopedia (speech therapy) session: 120 RON (50 minutes)

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