Psychotherapy for individuals

When do you need therapy

Most of us get in touch with a therapist when one of the following things happen:

  • we don’t feel comfortable in our skin anymore – we look at ourselves in the mirror and we don’t like what we see, we feel we can’t live up to our expectations
  • we go through separation, divorce or a breakup – events that can greatly affect our personal life
  • our relationships don’t go well – although social interactions are very important, some problems or fears can affect both their quality and the patience we show to other people
  • our professional, social or personal lives are affected – we feel unable to meet our day to day responsibilities
  • when we suffer from one or more phobias (fear of flight, heights, small spaces, elevators) – there are a lot of (more or less rational) fears, but all of them have a cause and can be treated over time
  • we feel depressed – we don’t enjoy anything, we don’t like anything anymore
  • we have panic attacks – this can happen when we are under too much pressure or we feel we can’t handle a situation
  • we suffer from insomnia – statistics on the subject show that one out of three people suffer from insomnia
  • we suffer from a sexual dysfunction like early ejaculation or anorgasmia, and this disorder can cause frustration or deteriorate the relationship with our partner
  • we suffered the loss of a loved one – when an important person disappears from our life, grief can cause severe depressions
  • we were the victims of sexual or other types of abuse – any type of abuse greatly affects the way we feel about ourselves
  • we are experiencing an existential crisis – we fear death, we can’t find a meaning to our life, we are afraid of loneliness
  • we feel we can’t handle the situation anymore – life is very complicated and sometimes we feel there are no solutions to our problems
  • we suffer from anxiety – a lot of us may experience physical symptoms of anxiety and not even recognize them

If we want:

  • better relationships – with our colleagues or people close to us
  • to feel better – happier and more at peace with ourselves
  • to like ourselves more – to discover our strengths
  • to have more confidence in ourselves – not to depend on other people to make important decisions in our place
  • to know ourselves better – what is good for us and what is not

If you experience one of these problems in your life, it’s best to ask for a therapist’s help, and book a few therapy sessions - in time, problems get harder to solve.

What should you expect from your first therapy session?

The first meeting with your therapist will be about getting to know each other. What will happen:

  • The client talks about his/ her problems and the reasons he/ she chose to go to therapy
  • The client tells the therapist what he/ she wants to achieve through therapy
  • The therapist analyzes the client’s expectations
  • The client - therapist compatibility is assessed to determine if they could work together

What are the prices for a therapy session?

  • Individual adult therapy: 180/ 200 RON (50 minutes)
  • Individual adult therapy (English/ French/ Italian): 220 RON (50 minutes)
  • Package 5 (+1 bonus) sessions individual adult therapy: 900 RON

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