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Individual psychotherapy sessions

For TELUS International employees

Quality, easy to access therapy, both online and in clinics. Be part of over 40.000 clients that Clicica Oana Nicolau helped to find their emotional balance and build a harmonious relationship with himself and with those around them.

Program supported by TELUS International in partnership with the Oana Nicolau clinic network

In the framework of the TELUS International partnership – Oana Nicolau clinic network you have a 10% discount of all the services the clinic provides. Here you can find the list of services, and to make an appointment it is enough to call 0733.30.33.33 , you mention that you are TELUS International employee and choose the desired service. Our team of consultants will help you choose the most appropriate specialist according to your needs.

Free individual psychotherapy sessions

High-quality, easy-to-access therapy. Be one of the over 40.000 clients that Clinica Oana Nicolau helped to rediscover happiness


Needs assessment and goal setting

You will have a discussion with the selected therapist to know you and discover together your need so that you can find the shortest way towards an effective and easy-to-implement solution.


Implementation of the strategy established with the therapist

The therapist will be next to you throughout the process and will help you to understand the causes behind the needs found in step 1. It will guide you in testing the solutions and give you the support you need to reach the goals you set together.



During this process you will already begin to feel the results, which are reflected in your overall well-being. You will also acquire the necessary skills to apply the new mechanisms you have learned, as often as you need in the future.


Therapy at the Oana Nicolau clinic helped me recognize and understand my emotions, express them and identify their origin. It was not easy. The most difficult step was the first one, when i had to overcome everybody's prejudices and to understand that I am not crazy if I go to the psychologist. It's normal, it's like going to the family doctor to do your analysis. Now that I understand my emotions and know how to manage them, my life has changed completely.


41 de ani

I am apparently a calm, cheerful, communicative and very social man. But in some cases I get stuck, I get tense to the level at which those around me perceive the tension, do not express what I feel and inside me I isolate myself from all and all. The fact that I was able, slowly, to become more aware of all this, to be able to talk about it and to recognize it, and then to take concrete steps to improve the problems is the gain from therapy.


48 de ani

Are you prepared to know yourself better?

Our advisers will help you find the right therapist for your needs in 24 hours.