Sales development representative

Job description

Company context

Our story started in 2009 with one simple vision: „We believe that everybody has the inner strength to achieve their dreams” We believe that emotional health is the core foundation for a better and productive life and that it should be a balanced always with mental and physical health.

Nowadays we’ve seen that people are starting to understand the benefits of psychotherapy and we are here to provide them all the tools that they need in order to receive the best help from the best specialists. We aim to brake down all the barriers that keep people unable to act upon their emotional and mental development.

Today, Clinica Oana Nicolau is the biggest mental and emotional heal provider in Romania, we have over 70 specialists and 20k+ therapies/year, and we realized that if we want to take this story even further we need some amazing individuals that are able to step up and take ownership in shaping the future of mental health.

Sales development representative

This person will be in charge of the hunting phase of the sales process. We will provide a proven methodology that will help you go through the first part of the sales funnel and acquire new clients.

Besides this, this person will be part of the B2B team and will help in all the strategical decisions and activity planning during each quarter.


  • Excellent communication and problem solving skills
  • Understanding of how CRM systems work
  • Experience with Salesforc e
  • Familiarity with our industry is a plus
  • Former NGO member is a plus
  • Business strategy understanding
  • Proficient in MS Office


  • Research, identify, and prospect for new clients
  • Develop and maintain an active prospects list, always enriched from new market data as a base for the strategic growth plan development.
  • Managing the sales funnel; carry out sales forecasts and analysis CRM reporting on customer account opportunity, performance, needs and risks .
  • Develop in depth knowledge of the existing and future needs of customer’s businesses to enable company structures and activities, add value to the customers businesses and increase the current market share.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze competitors core competencies, vulnerabilities, activities, current and potential positions in the market in order to formulate appropriate marketing counter strategies.
  • Develop the business sales and contribute effectively to the marketing strategy.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results.
  • Working together with the Sales Team to provide a high quality standard service for the local customers and to share new initiatives and ideas;
  • Collaborating with the internal departments, communicating and sharing the clients’ requirements in order to be implemented in the production process.


  • Deep curiosity to learn about new trends and how to do things different and better
  • Passionate about mental health industry
  • Self driven and adaptable to change
  • Long term vision about business and personal development
  • Demonstrates values as integrity, respect and autonomy
  • Highly collaborative and can work cross functionally, while cultivating relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Working in a start up requires a „Go out of your way to get results” attitude, a Growth mindset and a Sales Hunter’s personality